Research suggests hybrid working saves businesses significant amounts of money

12 Apr 2022

Research carried out by has revealed that hybrid working practices help businesses save an average of £8,100 per employee.

Financial savings for businesses can be generated by allowing employees to work from home for a portion of their week, thus reducing utilities required to operate an office. found that hybrid working enables workers to save an average of £328 a month on train travel and £128 per month commuting by car.

Additionally, research published by workspace network IWG showed that 49% of office employees would quit their job if they were required to work in the office five days a week.

Research has also suggested that hybrid working helps employees to reduce their carbon footprint by up to 10%.

Mark Dixon, CEO of IWG, said: 'The rapid global rise in the adoption of the hybrid-working model, where companies use technology to give their employees effective remote access and home working, in combination with easy-to-access local centres and traditional head-office sites, is here to stay.

'Not only do employees benefit from a dramatically improved work-life balance, but the model also represents a significant win for a company's bottom line as well as employee bank balances.'